Geography Ambassadors on the TV

A TV programme, to be shown on Teachers TV this week includes contributions from:

  • Dr Rita Gardner, Director of the RGS-IBG
  • Ben Saunders, the youngest man to ski solo to the North Pole
  • Owen Wilson, promoting cycling and sustainability in London
  • Laura Fry, who makes new maps of Great Britain
  • Tori James, who has climbed Everest

Recent coverage

The following articles detail some of the recent events and successes of the geography ambassador programme.

Many students were inspired by the new opportunity that the ambassadors presented. They also brought youth and a different perspective on geography that is vital! Geography Teacher, Reading.

Ambassadors Online

Welcome to the Ambassadors Online page. Everything you and your pupils ever wanted to know about progressing with geography but were too afraid to ask!

We have interviewed young graduate geographers to ask them about their career using geography, the skills they have acquired and how their job relates to their geographical background.

Which areas of geography are you most attracted to? Each of the eight sectors of employment listed below links clearly to geography. Click on a thumbnail picture to hear video clips and download career cards from our selection of ambassadors in that sector.

Progression and Careers with Geography

e you information and ideas for why to choose Geography and how to use it in your progression and career planning.

Are you thinking of taking geography further? You are onto a winning formula!

Employers seek a mixture of skills, qualifications and experience when they recruit for a job. As a graduate (this is someone with a degree or university qualification) you will be in demand for your transferable skills such as being:

  • A good Communicator with strong presentation skills
  • Competent with ICT
  • Able to carry out research
  • Used to working effectively in a team and taking a variety of roles in a team
  • Able to manage your time by juggling commitments, meeting deadlines and managing stress
  • Good at combining information from a variety of sources with excellent writing skills

You will be valued for your qualifications including:

  • English and Maths GCSE at grade C or above
  • Level Three qualifications such as AS and A2, Applied A Levels, IB and BTEC National Diplomas
  • A degree – usually a BA or BSc or other Higher Education qualification such as HND or FdA

Don’t forget to give evidence of your experience

  • Work experience in any sector
  • Voluntary placements
  • Commitment, especially longer term to projects, new skills and interests for which you have had to practice, work as a team, fund raise or undertake training.

You will also be able to offer a unique blend of specific skills and knowledge that come from being a geographer. So, in addition to generic graduate employment you could also seek to make good use of your geographical skills which include:

  • Scientific and lab skills
  • Producing and interpreting maps
  • Research and interpretation of data Inc GIS
  • Debate and enquiry
  • Environmental and Social awareness
  • Team based project work
  • Fieldwork techniques
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