Professional Recognition


Through the Action Plan for Geography and other initiatives, many colleagues will be creating work in geography education that should righly be celebrated, shared and recognised. This is both exciting and significant.

Professional recognition creates the opportunity to make new connections and become part of a network of geography educators. It also demonstrates to parents, pupils and senior leaders the significant contributions that geography teachers and geography education can make to a young person’s success and achievements.

The RGS-IBG will be further developing the innovative Chartered Geographer (Teacher) status and the GA will promote and celebrate the Primary and Secondary Geography Quality Marks.

If you are participating in any Action Plan for Geography activity (either online or face to face) or using any Action Plan for Geography resources or stimulus, then you will be automatically generating evidence that could contribute towards the successful completion of any of these 3 professional recognition opportunities.

Chartered Geographer (Teacher)

The RGS-IBG is working to enhance the development of individual teachers by recognising subject focused professional advancement and standards through our professional accreditation for geography teachers, Chartered Geographer (Teacher).  Chartered Geographer (Teacher) is available to teachers who can demonstrate competence, experience and professionalism in the use of geographical knowledge or skills in and out of the classroom, and who are committed to maintaining their professional standards through ongoing continuing professional development (CPD).

NEW: Schools Members of the RGS-IBG now do not have to pay the one-off £50 application fee (although Fellowship fees still apply to all non-Fellows)

You will need:

  • an Honours degree in geography, a B.Ed with geography or a related degree (or 15 years teaching experience if no relevant degree is held);
  • at least six years teaching experience, and
  • demonstrable commitment to CPD, embedding it in your practice, and supporting others.

Chartered Geographer (Teacher) is the only ongoing professional accreditation linked to CPD in Geography and is being aligned to be relevant to the developing TDA framework of professional and occupational standards for teachers.  CGeog (Teacher) can support your application for a leadership or Advanced Teacher role and enhances your career portfolio and employability.

“This status has greatly benefited myself, members of the department and my students.”Garry Atterton, a CGeog of three years standing

If you have a geography degree or equivalent, have been teaching geography for at least six years, have an ongoing commitment to CPD and embed your professional development in your teaching, you are an ideal candidate for Chartered Geographer (Teacher).

Why become a CGeog (Teacher)?

  • Demonstrates your commitment to professional development
  • Is relevant to the TDA framework of professional and occupational standards for teachers
  • Shows you are working beyond your specific teaching duties
  • Provides access to regional CPD and mentoring opportunities
  • Can support your application for a leadership role

Joint Membership

This new category of membership spans a PGCE (or equivalent) year, Induction/NQT year and the first three years of ‘recently qualified teacher’ status.  Individuals can become an ECT member at any time during these five years.
The GA and RGS-IBG are committed to leading and supporting a lively and productive subject community.  Our long-term aspirations are that:

  • All teachers of geography identify with the need for continuing subject-based professional development throughout their careers.
  • The collaborative and complementary offers from the two subject organisations are seen as the natural and prime source of support.
  • Every school, either through group membership or individual teacher members, should have an engagement with the subject organisations.
  • The two subject organisations work together to enhance membership and in providing subject focussed professional development and recognition to meet teachers’ needs.
  • Teachers will have the choice of attractive joint membership offers or membership of one or other of the single organisations.

Benefits of membership:

  • Free attendance to the GA Annual Conference and Exhibition (PGCEs only)
  • GA Magazine three time a year
  • Online access to the RGS-IBG Geography in the News website and lecture programme
  • Online access to GA journals
  • Discounts on GA and RGS-IBG conferences, CPD programmes and publications
  • Professional recognition Induction programmes covering Chartered Geographer (Teacher) and Geography Quality Marks
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