How To Get A Mobile Phone Contract With Bad Credit

Are you a geography teacher who has slipped into adverse credit due to a poor salary in the UK? At Geography Teaching today we’ve partnered with a number of organisations to help teachers in need, especially those searching for no credit check mobile phone contracts.

One thing you must remember is that no credit check contract phones do not exist. However, with some proven techniques you will quickly find that bad credit is not a problem and the advice you can read below means you are virtually guaranteed a mobile phone contract though there is a credit check. Use our tips and advice now to get a contract phone today with an easy credit check.

Some Networks Have Easier Credit Checks

If you have been refused before you may think that every network has the same credit checking procedures. This is not true. From our research Three have the easiest credit checks, followed by Vodafone and EE.

You Must Apply Directly With The Network

For an easier credit check, you must apply directly with the mobile phone network and avoid third-party retailers on the high street. This will increase your chances of acceptance.

You Must Apply Online

Credit checks are a lot more difficult in-store than they are online. For your chosen network make sure you apply online for a much easier credit check and, therefore, a better chance of acceptance.

Go For a SIM Only Contract

It’s well-known that SIM Only contracts have easy credit checks. Follow the three tips above and then apply for a SIM Only contract for guaranteed acceptance. You will be extremely unlikely to be rejected.

That’s all there is to make it extremely easy to get a contract. Remember you have nothing to lose, and our advice has worked for thousands this year alone. By following our tips you can virtually guarantee yourself a contract. No credit check mobile contracts do not exist, so our tips give you the second best option. Apply now to get a mobile phone contract!

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